Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Challenge #34 : Winner Through Random.Org

Listed down all the entries from the first layout posted til the last one.
We have 12 entries altogether.

1. You Are Like No Other
2. You Shine
3. My Girl
4. Our Wedding
5. Love
6. Dreamer
7. Remember
8. Yza's Dedication Invitation
9. Me, Myself and the World
10. Baby Shower for Win
11. Celebrate Love
12. Naughty By Nature
(side note : nakakatuwa lang tignan yung mga title, pede mong pagdugtungin at gumawa ng kwento hehehe)

Ran it through Random.Org

And, we have another winner (Bebang's Love) ---
Yza's Dedication Invitation by Cj!

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