Sunday, July 27, 2008

Challenge #20 : The Shopaholic Goes Shopping (Again)

As We eagerly await on who will be crowned as the GRAND shophalic, here's the winner for the most number of entries.

Since there was a tie between Cute#1 and CJ, Bheng decided to put them in the magic pouch and draw between them.

The winner for the most number of entries is CJ.

And, now, the moment we are waiting for...

Thank you to Bheng and the Secret Judge for their help in choosing this challenge's winner. It was a tough decision coz' they loved 3 entries. In the end, they put all three entries up for a draw.

It's quite funny though that this challenge's winner is this lady. First, she's known for being the ultimate shophalic in real life and for her LO to win this challenge is really a testimonial that she is the GRAND shopaholic in real and scrap life!

Without further ado,

our GRAND prize winner is CUTE#1! Woohoo!

Thank you, Bheng for this wonderful challenge!

Scrappers, challenge #21 is ongoing! Get those tools now and start scrapping!

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